*~Surviving Sheena~*

*~Surviving Sheena~*

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Red Shouldered Hawk

So, I just got home from work, which wasn't that much like work since I am in training for a new project, and we played taboo and name that song.. which was a blast btw, anyway, I just got home... On my walk to my doorway on the railing of the balcony was a Red-shouldered-hawk.

not this one, i didnt get a pic :( but it looked very similar!

At first I thought it was clutching an egg, so I stopped not sure if this animal would be aggressive or what (hey you ever seen birds the horror flick ... ya don't laugh at me), so I just kinda stood there, turned off my mp3 player (no i don't have an ipod  or worse an iphone, get over it), and just stared at it.  Guess what, it stared back, and then after about 2 minutes, which felt like an eternity, the bird seemingly flew away. So I continued on across the long balcony to my door and looked left before unlocking my door and there on the railing was the same hawk still clutching the dead thing, or so I thought. Then the bird lifts its leg and I see it wasn't holding the dead thing it was stuck on it. It kept lifting its leg as if to show me... I felt so bad, I didn't know what to do, and I know birds carry diseases and stuff so I was being a bit paranoid.

I am a big softy though, so I felt really bad, I still do... so I googled pictures until I found out what kind of bird it was, and then searched the net for what to do, and didn't find too much. So I called the local wildlife shelter and reported what I had seen and told them I wasn't sure if I needed to report it or what.  The lady was a bit short like talking to a Financial Services Rep for a Cellular Company about a late bill or something (not that I would know what that is like or anything hehe) but I gave her as much details as I could, but when I checked outside again the bird was gone :(  She said they couldn't do anything unless I could find it and then call them to get it.  So I said I would if I saw it again.  I looked around the complex but no such luck *pouty lip* I hope the bird is okay and I hope you all send your best wishes to it too :D I am going to call it Little red on account of its shoulders, and remember it fondly :D

That reminds me of a time when I was a kid though, and I lived in the desert because apparently my family was homeless, even though I didn't really know that at the time. We lived in a bus converted into an RV with one bedroom and a small closet size shower/toilet ( you cant even call it a room), and a table that converted to a kind of bed.

Anyway down the trail from us was another ah campsite if you will, and this guy lived there who had a big dog. I mean a huge bullmastiff (or bull massive as I called them at the age of 8)...

no not that cute lil guy... awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

ya a bit more like this guy... they are giants'... omg he is taller there than I am now... legs same length I think lmao!!!!

Anyway so My father made friends with the guy and was over there with my brothers, and I was alone at our camp... so I was bored and decided to go over there... I knew about the dog, and have always been good with animals, but this dog was huge and usually was kept on a short leash as he tended to be an aggressive dog I guess.

So, I am walking along the trail staring at the ground as I tended to do in my shy days, when I looked up and saw this massive beast just sitting there like....

like that guy ^ up there....

and I just stopped about ten feet from him, struck with the kind of fear only an 8yr girl can have... and tried to stay calm.   I was eight though, and curious, and thought somehow I was special or something I am sure... so when the dog didn't do anything but stare at me I decided to get on his level (not physically the thing was as tall as me when sitting) and so I sat down also.  Then I sort of just started talking, I don't remember what I said, just that it was probably a bunch of nonsense in very gentle tones.

Wouldn't you know it.... my heart beat raced like a jackhammer on crack as that dog stalked right up to me and licked my face with a tongue nearly as wide as my head! I wrapped my arms around him and we were best friends for that moment... awww I know right... Well I stood up and we walked back to his camp together and you bet the adults about shat themselves! It was glorious and I never forgot it... as you can see :)

Well thats enough babbling for now, have a fun night ya'll!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Game Night Babble

So we are doing a game night tonight with some friends, but my guy is being a butt-head as he doesn't want anyone over. Well I want to do some improv and have fun, I did work all week as you may know. well I was in training which is why I thought of the improv because we had to do a skit for a commercial about our product, which was fun.

This made me think we should get an improv group together and do like a whose line is it anyway thing in the park and accept tips only. Could be fun. Which reminds me I loved that show.

Oh and I have been watching the A-Team series from the beginning, love that show...

which brings me back to class we were all talking about old shows like Sanford & son, saved by the bell, blossom, Punky Brewster, gidget, and so so many others... it made me think there should be a chat room for just talking about stuff from "back in the day"

which is funny because I used to think I would never use that term, "back in the day" but I do all the time now.

Oh and so I watched the Glee Rocky Horror Picture Show episode, and it was a blast, loved it. Always loved the Time Warp Song the best!

And you know what it would be fun to be part of the Geek Squad at Best Buy!

By the way, My little net-book is still holding out, thats what I'm on...

and Verizon got the Ipad right, and so I learned about these tablet devices, and I just dont think there would ever be a reason to spend $600-$800 on such a thing... It just baffles me.

Speaking of Baffling things, I know I haven't babbled in a while, sorry I got moved into my new place, and have just been busy with work and everything.

But now that things are in order I may come back on more often.

Anyhow I watched all three Pirates of the Caribbean movies last night and found out there is a fourth one coming, so looking forward to that!

Anyway have a blast all you babbling fools!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Vacation Babble

Sorry I have not posted, I am on vacation. Well, that is to say I have a paid week off that I am spending at home with my fiance.

I have also gotten into a few facebook apps. Yes I know moan and groan blah blah blah. I am playing social city and kingdoms of camelot. I like these two games and will probably keep up with them for a while, but as usual when I go back to work there is a good chance I will stop being quite as dedicated to these apps. Apps can be addictive and are a huge waste of time I know, but no more so than, playing board games, reading a book, or watching t.v. So there.

Anyhow, I also have created another blog because I am so proud of myself for doing the best I can on a budget. So I am sharing what I can about how to survive a paycheck to paycheck lifestyle. So check it out of you want.

I also have been looking for a new place to live. I hate moving. But being this busy has obviously organized my thoughts as I cannot seem to properly babble. As you can see it just isn't working. So I apologize for the not as entertaining babble. I offer you this however, visit my http://www.youtube.com/phnyxrose page and I assure you, you will find something entertaining there.

Hope you all are having lots of fun and still surviving.


*Update 9/2013* I Have delted the blog I mentioned in this post due to the fact I wasn't keeping up with it and thusly had no followers.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Oh My Gosh

You know whats funny, no not the comment question of the day.. well that too, but this time I mean, the fact that I have never broken any bones. You know what, I twist ankles and wrists all the time, never sprained and never broken though. I fell on my neck from the monkey bars when I was a kid and blacked out, woke up in the nurses office, I was fine. My brother kicked a soccer ball that hit me in the head, slamming me against a brick wall and knocking me out, but I was fine. Flipped a bicycle entirely over landing face first in the pavement, but you got it, I was fine. I suppose I am not complaining, I just think it is odd, I am a super-duper klutz and yet, I am always fine.

Which reminds me of the song, Hey Mickey your so fine you blow my mind hey Mickey! Which, of course, reminds me of the Mickey Mouse club! M.I.C. See you real soon, K.E.Y. Why because we like you, M.o.u.s.eeeeeeeeeee. Mickey Mouse! Donald Duck! Oh sigh.

Anyhow, ooh speaking of sighing, that makes me think of a si, psy, psi, sci... um *googles it*...OH it's Sai... which are the kobudo weapons that Rafael used in TMNT. If you do not know what that is, well.. google it hehe.

I love google, I must say. You can find almost anything via google. I finally signed up for an igoogle page, and it is pretty neat admitedly. I have an app to track my diet diary. I have an app that gives me writing quotes and ideas. I have a scrabble app that I can play... ooh that reminds 1. I love scrabble! and all word games & 2. I still have a game going I should go play lol.

Anyhow, speaking of word games, have you ever played word association? Which is kinda what I do on the babble, sept its thought association lol. Anyway ... FOCUS... I used to play a word association game with my friends, where you would write a list of words, (including a few you knew would trigger reactions such as ex girlfriends names etc.) and then sit face to face with the person, and read them one at a time while the other person had to spit out the first word that came to mind. It could get pretty funny, though on occasion if the people mentioned were in the room it could get a bit upsetting. Oh ya we used to make mad libs too. I love mad libs!

Oh my gosh, that makes me wanna watch mad tv and spy vs. spy... But funnily that made me think of.... Good Golly Miss Molly! LoL

Sometimes I wish I lived in the 50's, but on the other hand I am happy for the liberties we have today, that we wouldn't have had back then. I suppose I just crave the simplicity of the life style that is portrayed of that time period.

My Father used to say I should have lived in the 60's because I would have been a flower child. Funny thing is he was a marine who didn't much care for hippies so I am not sure if that was a compliment or an insult. My Mom was the hippy type though so who knows.

My father was insane by the way, so yeah. Insane in the Membrane! lol. I never stop, I really don't, it drives My fiancée mad. I love it & him :)

My feet are cold right now, which made me think of Men in Tights, the movie. Where Robin was talking with that guy about a great feet of strength... Oh some how that made me think of the old Who's on First uh riddle? I dunno what its called, joke maybe. I always liked that. Kind of reminds me of the Meatloaf song where there is a middle part of the song with a sports-like announcer reading off how the guy is going to score on the girl. Kind of funny, I love Meatloaf, the singer & the food!

My mom loved ketchup on everything, just thought I would share that.

Anyway it is just about time for me to turn in, to what? I dunno. But seriously I am off to bed so hope you all sleep well! Dang it that made me think of the movie, don't tell mom the babysitters dead (loved that and adventures in babysitting), because the girls name was Sue Ellen and they called her Swell. (swell -sleep-well =swell.. you get it right)

Until next time keep on babbling my friends.

Friday, April 9, 2010

The Friendship Babble!

Isn't it funny how you can like someone and think they are awesome or whatever, but they don't like you at all.  Somehow that just seems odd to me. Especially if you are the nice one and they are not nearly as nice but some how think they are better than you. Anyway speaking of friends, I did get to hangout with an old and dear friend of mine I haven't seen in about 8 years ....but I'm dating myself lol dating myself I am not that desperate... Well not desperate at all actually I got a man (WHATS YOUR MAN GOT TO DO WITH ME?) lol still dating myself hehe
Not that I am old, I mean unless you are a teenager or younger no one would call me old. Wait... No never mind.

So anyway we had some fun, met his girlfriend, he met my boyfriend, we shared some laughs and on and on.  Laughs is this great comedy club too here and I have never been, I would like to go.

You know whats funny, your face, no not really.. but that when ever people are talking they will say something normal or applicable to the subject at hand and somehow it will trigger a song in my head. Like before here.  For instance you might say, "I was watching an old movie that made me think of Laura." and I will start singing, "Think of Laaaura" or you might say, "Dusting isn't that bad of a chore, it just takes some time..." and I will be singing, "It just take some time little girl your in the middle of the ride, everything everything will be alright alright" and so on :)

Is that weird, probably  not, but you know what is weird... "the comment question of the day!"  Okay if you are3 an =3 fan then you just laughed your ass off. If you have never heard of  =3 (equals three), then you need to go to youtube.com/raywilliamjohnson  because most of you will then in turn laugh your asses off . I am a big fan :)

Anyway speaking of big fans, the other day for whatever reason I thought it would be really cool to have... well you know those huge fans people put on their walls, like the asian fans or whatever they might actually be called. No offense if that might offend someone I dunno. But anyway I thought it would be cool to have on of the huge fans but really it would be like a set of dragon wings that just at first glance appear to be fans. Tell me if I am wrong but I love it. Thats right I said Loooooooooove it. (high pitched necessary ok)

So anyhow it is my day off... ooh now I wanna watch Ferris Beuller's Day of w00t looooooooove it! lol
Till next time keep on babbling folks :D

Monday, April 5, 2010

Do I talk too much? No, Just too fast!

So, today at work it was on and off, meaning slow then fast, but generally steady, do you remember when dating was called going steady?  Anyway at work during down time, I would talk to my neighbor and when I talk about something I know about I talk a lot and I talk fast. In fact I type how I talk, so you may get the idea. Well about 3 minutes into my splurge of word vomit, as Lindsey Lohan put it in mean girls, the guy gets this look on his face that tells me once again I am talking way to fast for this person.  So, I stop and ask, was I talking fast? Not just he, but about 5 people near us said, "Yes." really loud and I thought it was hilarious.

Anyhow speaking of Lindsey Lohan, I actually liked her in most of her movies, but the sad tale of yet another teen star gone wrong just doesn't interest me you know.  However it does remind me that in second grade I knew a girl named Lindsey Bible, which I later thought was funny because I then knew a girl named Ashley Bishop and some how that seemed coincidental to me and yet not.

Speaking of Ashley's though does anyone actually think it matters that Ashley Simpson lip synced that one time, because seriously they all do it for videos and such so really who gives a crud.

That reminds me that my years as a waitress have toned down my cussing. In fact I insinuate more cussing on this blog than I actually use in real  life.  I now use words like, fudgeroonie, fiddlesticks, shishkabob, and shitaki mushrooms, in lou of cursing. People tend to have differing opinions of these terms. But that reminds me when I was in foster care as a child one of my foster parents would tell me to say "mickey mouse" when I got hurt instead of using curse words.  That never really took. 

Speaking of foster care does anyone remember a movie called pinballs or something like that about a bunch of kids in foster care?  I seem to have a vague recollection of it but no one else seems to.  I am happy someone else finally remembered those old commercials though. Thanks for that.

Thank you to all of my new followers by the way, I will be viewing your blogs in turn quite soon but for some reason my computer isn't showing up my followers tonight.  Speaking of followers, I recall reading that someone didn't like them being called that but wanted them to be friends, I think that is a good idea though it doesn't really bother me.

Oh and tonight I started an online over an IM role playing game. Seems like it will be fun, and I will probably be letting you know about it quite soon. Whelp I am off to watch Pandorum, which reminds me of Pandora's box, which weirdly reminds me of Cleopatra and Pantera at the same time, which some how makes me think of Judy Garland who played Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz.  I loved that movie by the way.

Oh that's right I was heading off to watch the movie and catch some z's, speaking of which if any of you know where that term came from please do share. Thanks.

Until next time keep on surviving.

Survival Rule # 1 - Breathe!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Sleep Deprived Babble

I have to work super early tomorrow, it was my day off, I did not get much sleep.  I however wanted to blog, to keep up a good blogging experience for my loyal followers to come. Speaking of followers I have seen a lot of blogs offering contests in order to get followers.  Nothing wrong with this I suppose, but I do wonder if most of them don't leave after winning or losing as the case may be?  That reminds me of the Flintstones when Pebbles and Bam Bam sang that song....

Let the sun shine in, face it with a grin,
smiler's never lose and frowner's never win... 

or something like that.  which also reminds me of my motto and one of our surviving tips : if you see someone with out a smile, give them yours.  I love this motto because it portrays a genuine caring for others.  Which I do, care for others that is.  Speaking of Care, that makes me think of Kerri Russel who not only played felicity the long forgotten singleton of TV, but also the babysitter on honey I shrunk the kids.  I loved that movie, and especially Rick Moranis who is awesome.  Maybe not as awesome as mel brooks who filmed him in space balls which is another great movie.  Do you ever think it just isn't fair that some people have to die. Because when mel brooks dies, there will just never be a comedic genius like him again.  It is sad.

What else is sad is that I am so freakin tired right now, but I still can not shut up.  Which is funny that is what my fiance makes fun of me for.  Spekaing of making fun though, nope  I have nothing.

But on the nothing subject, do you remember the nothing in  never ending story... what happened to truly creepy villains in movies like that.   I know it wasn't really a horror movie or anything, but still.  Plus that series of movies also spawned the great Jack Black,  I think I mentioned that before but I am not sure.  which reminds me of those old commercials for deodorant, you know "sure!"' "Unsure !", which makes me remember that I am always remembering the old commercial breaks with he animated characters that swap heads and sing, "after these messages we'll be righhhht back!"  I loved that and like no one remembers it at all.  Oh and that reminds me of school house rock, which I adored as a kid and am glad that Disney made a new song for it. 

Speaking of Michel Musso from Hannah Montana what is with all the boys wearing that floppy hairdo now, golly garsh how the times change... and i am not even that old yet... sigh

Whelp Id say that about raps it up I am off to bed. Have a great night my precious fans.....oops now I'm thinking of lord of the rings...sigh

keep on surviving

Survival Rule #13 - If you see someone with out a smile, give them yours.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Work Babble

Beginning with work, today I went home early, which I almost didn't do because I went home early yesterday which I also almost didn't do, which reminds me yesterday I bleached my hair and went strawberry blond, which reminds me my favorite wine cooler is strawberry Daiquiri , well my favorite alcoholic beverage in general actually, and one time I drank a bottle that made my face turn red, and do you remember that on the show bobby's world there last name was generic but they said it differently, which is funny because I was telling my friend today that I get people who not only say my name wrong but ask me if am sure I have it correctly, Like are you sure it isn't "Sheila" yes I am pretty sure, and people also say oh like Sheila E, no more like Sheena Queen of the Jungle Biatches. lol but also they will be like oh the warrior princess right and I say NO,  Xena was a princess, but Sheena Was a QUEEN. And don't you forget it lol. Any how that also reminds me that I love queen!  You know the band, they sang Killer queen (love it), fat bottomed girls (love it), and of course the infamous bohemian rhapsody, which Wayne's world made famous!  which reminds me when was the first time you realized Mike Myers has the same name as the killer in Halloween, and speaking of Halloween what the f*ck was up with number 3 or was it 4 , 4 i think that had absolutely nothing to do with the series of movies.  Also on that name thing, I think it is funny that I don't like my name to be miss pronounced and yet when other people have names that I believe should be pronounced differently, like Ryan Phillipe who pronounces it, Fill-ipp- eeeeee, and I am like, boy who are you fooling your last name is pronounced Fill-eeeee-pay, but then I have to remind myself what a hypocrite I am.  Speaking of Reese Witherspoon's ex, I recall one time I was at work (see brought it back to work, sneaky aint I), a customer surprised me with a joke, the conversation went like this:

Customer: Oh yeah did you hear about that actress who got stabbed last night?
Me: No oh wow who was it?
Customer: Oh you know it was that girl from legally blond, the one that married Ryan Phillipe (and he said it right)?
Me:  Oh my gosh you mean Reese Witherspoon?
Customer:  No with a knife
Customer: snicker snicker
Me: Oooooooh nice one.

speaking of nice ones I think this was a pretty good first true babbling so I will bid you a fond ado until next time... oh that made me want fondue mm-mm

--Sh33na not Xena, not Sheila, not Shana, not Shawna, not Shani-qua, not Tina, not Gina, and not Shanaynay

Monday, March 22, 2010

Beginning of Babbling

I originally was going to write this blog with a series of stories of my child hood and how I survived it. However, I decided as I want to put that story into a book someday I would rather not ruin the tale by leaving it on here for all to see.  But I like this blogs title and still wanted to use it.

So I was reminded of an... analogy I think is the word I am looking for, that I used as a child once.  I told people that my mind was like "spaghetti highway" which if you have ever been to California is a large looping highway that in someways resembles spaghetti.  I said that my thoughts race around on this highway at lightning speeds, multiple roads at a time, and occasionally there is a collision and the wrong thought will pop out of my mouth. 

I often wondered if I was crazy, and was all too often told that I was, "ahead of my time".  I was very nostalgic and always a philosopher, not to say that I am not today, but I am less naive and more practical.  This can be both bad and good.   However another thing that was noted upon was my ability to jump from one subject to another based on word association.  In other words you might  be talking about how it rained last night and you slipped in a puddle and puddle will make me think of splashing, which will remind me of the movie splash, which will make me think of tom hanks, which will then make me think of the movie cast away, which makes me think of volley balls, which then makes me say, "that reminds me of this time i tried to play volley ball but I didn't know how to hit the ball right and it bruised my wrist." and so on from there.  Now all you know is that you said puddle and I was reminded of a bruise, and this makes little to no sense to you, right. But if you saw my train of thought  as I listed it for you here, it would make almost perfect sense.

So that got me thinking of an Idea for this blog. I decided that what I would do is just start a blog about a subject, and then instead of forcing myself to focus on that subject, as my mind wandered to different word associated things, I would then continue the blog about whatever came to mind.   Pretty simple, possibly already done, but not really something I give a flying f*ck about so read it or don't.

Thanks for visitng and come again soon!

Rule # 10 The only opinion that matters, is my own!

PS can you survive ....dun dun dun mwahahahahaah

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