*~Surviving Sheena~*

*~Surviving Sheena~*

Monday, March 22, 2010

Beginning of Babbling

I originally was going to write this blog with a series of stories of my child hood and how I survived it. However, I decided as I want to put that story into a book someday I would rather not ruin the tale by leaving it on here for all to see.  But I like this blogs title and still wanted to use it.

So I was reminded of an... analogy I think is the word I am looking for, that I used as a child once.  I told people that my mind was like "spaghetti highway" which if you have ever been to California is a large looping highway that in someways resembles spaghetti.  I said that my thoughts race around on this highway at lightning speeds, multiple roads at a time, and occasionally there is a collision and the wrong thought will pop out of my mouth. 

I often wondered if I was crazy, and was all too often told that I was, "ahead of my time".  I was very nostalgic and always a philosopher, not to say that I am not today, but I am less naive and more practical.  This can be both bad and good.   However another thing that was noted upon was my ability to jump from one subject to another based on word association.  In other words you might  be talking about how it rained last night and you slipped in a puddle and puddle will make me think of splashing, which will remind me of the movie splash, which will make me think of tom hanks, which will then make me think of the movie cast away, which makes me think of volley balls, which then makes me say, "that reminds me of this time i tried to play volley ball but I didn't know how to hit the ball right and it bruised my wrist." and so on from there.  Now all you know is that you said puddle and I was reminded of a bruise, and this makes little to no sense to you, right. But if you saw my train of thought  as I listed it for you here, it would make almost perfect sense.

So that got me thinking of an Idea for this blog. I decided that what I would do is just start a blog about a subject, and then instead of forcing myself to focus on that subject, as my mind wandered to different word associated things, I would then continue the blog about whatever came to mind.   Pretty simple, possibly already done, but not really something I give a flying f*ck about so read it or don't.

Thanks for visitng and come again soon!

Rule # 10 The only opinion that matters, is my own!

PS can you survive ....dun dun dun mwahahahahaah

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