*~Surviving Sheena~*

*~Surviving Sheena~*

Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Sleep Deprived Babble

I have to work super early tomorrow, it was my day off, I did not get much sleep.  I however wanted to blog, to keep up a good blogging experience for my loyal followers to come. Speaking of followers I have seen a lot of blogs offering contests in order to get followers.  Nothing wrong with this I suppose, but I do wonder if most of them don't leave after winning or losing as the case may be?  That reminds me of the Flintstones when Pebbles and Bam Bam sang that song....

Let the sun shine in, face it with a grin,
smiler's never lose and frowner's never win... 

or something like that.  which also reminds me of my motto and one of our surviving tips : if you see someone with out a smile, give them yours.  I love this motto because it portrays a genuine caring for others.  Which I do, care for others that is.  Speaking of Care, that makes me think of Kerri Russel who not only played felicity the long forgotten singleton of TV, but also the babysitter on honey I shrunk the kids.  I loved that movie, and especially Rick Moranis who is awesome.  Maybe not as awesome as mel brooks who filmed him in space balls which is another great movie.  Do you ever think it just isn't fair that some people have to die. Because when mel brooks dies, there will just never be a comedic genius like him again.  It is sad.

What else is sad is that I am so freakin tired right now, but I still can not shut up.  Which is funny that is what my fiance makes fun of me for.  Spekaing of making fun though, nope  I have nothing.

But on the nothing subject, do you remember the nothing in  never ending story... what happened to truly creepy villains in movies like that.   I know it wasn't really a horror movie or anything, but still.  Plus that series of movies also spawned the great Jack Black,  I think I mentioned that before but I am not sure.  which reminds me of those old commercials for deodorant, you know "sure!"' "Unsure !", which makes me remember that I am always remembering the old commercial breaks with he animated characters that swap heads and sing, "after these messages we'll be righhhht back!"  I loved that and like no one remembers it at all.  Oh and that reminds me of school house rock, which I adored as a kid and am glad that Disney made a new song for it. 

Speaking of Michel Musso from Hannah Montana what is with all the boys wearing that floppy hairdo now, golly garsh how the times change... and i am not even that old yet... sigh

Whelp Id say that about raps it up I am off to bed. Have a great night my precious fans.....oops now I'm thinking of lord of the rings...sigh

keep on surviving

Survival Rule #13 - If you see someone with out a smile, give them yours.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Work Babble

Beginning with work, today I went home early, which I almost didn't do because I went home early yesterday which I also almost didn't do, which reminds me yesterday I bleached my hair and went strawberry blond, which reminds me my favorite wine cooler is strawberry Daiquiri , well my favorite alcoholic beverage in general actually, and one time I drank a bottle that made my face turn red, and do you remember that on the show bobby's world there last name was generic but they said it differently, which is funny because I was telling my friend today that I get people who not only say my name wrong but ask me if am sure I have it correctly, Like are you sure it isn't "Sheila" yes I am pretty sure, and people also say oh like Sheila E, no more like Sheena Queen of the Jungle Biatches. lol but also they will be like oh the warrior princess right and I say NO,  Xena was a princess, but Sheena Was a QUEEN. And don't you forget it lol. Any how that also reminds me that I love queen!  You know the band, they sang Killer queen (love it), fat bottomed girls (love it), and of course the infamous bohemian rhapsody, which Wayne's world made famous!  which reminds me when was the first time you realized Mike Myers has the same name as the killer in Halloween, and speaking of Halloween what the f*ck was up with number 3 or was it 4 , 4 i think that had absolutely nothing to do with the series of movies.  Also on that name thing, I think it is funny that I don't like my name to be miss pronounced and yet when other people have names that I believe should be pronounced differently, like Ryan Phillipe who pronounces it, Fill-ipp- eeeeee, and I am like, boy who are you fooling your last name is pronounced Fill-eeeee-pay, but then I have to remind myself what a hypocrite I am.  Speaking of Reese Witherspoon's ex, I recall one time I was at work (see brought it back to work, sneaky aint I), a customer surprised me with a joke, the conversation went like this:

Customer: Oh yeah did you hear about that actress who got stabbed last night?
Me: No oh wow who was it?
Customer: Oh you know it was that girl from legally blond, the one that married Ryan Phillipe (and he said it right)?
Me:  Oh my gosh you mean Reese Witherspoon?
Customer:  No with a knife
Customer: snicker snicker
Me: Oooooooh nice one.

speaking of nice ones I think this was a pretty good first true babbling so I will bid you a fond ado until next time... oh that made me want fondue mm-mm

--Sh33na not Xena, not Sheila, not Shana, not Shawna, not Shani-qua, not Tina, not Gina, and not Shanaynay

Monday, March 22, 2010

Beginning of Babbling

I originally was going to write this blog with a series of stories of my child hood and how I survived it. However, I decided as I want to put that story into a book someday I would rather not ruin the tale by leaving it on here for all to see.  But I like this blogs title and still wanted to use it.

So I was reminded of an... analogy I think is the word I am looking for, that I used as a child once.  I told people that my mind was like "spaghetti highway" which if you have ever been to California is a large looping highway that in someways resembles spaghetti.  I said that my thoughts race around on this highway at lightning speeds, multiple roads at a time, and occasionally there is a collision and the wrong thought will pop out of my mouth. 

I often wondered if I was crazy, and was all too often told that I was, "ahead of my time".  I was very nostalgic and always a philosopher, not to say that I am not today, but I am less naive and more practical.  This can be both bad and good.   However another thing that was noted upon was my ability to jump from one subject to another based on word association.  In other words you might  be talking about how it rained last night and you slipped in a puddle and puddle will make me think of splashing, which will remind me of the movie splash, which will make me think of tom hanks, which will then make me think of the movie cast away, which makes me think of volley balls, which then makes me say, "that reminds me of this time i tried to play volley ball but I didn't know how to hit the ball right and it bruised my wrist." and so on from there.  Now all you know is that you said puddle and I was reminded of a bruise, and this makes little to no sense to you, right. But if you saw my train of thought  as I listed it for you here, it would make almost perfect sense.

So that got me thinking of an Idea for this blog. I decided that what I would do is just start a blog about a subject, and then instead of forcing myself to focus on that subject, as my mind wandered to different word associated things, I would then continue the blog about whatever came to mind.   Pretty simple, possibly already done, but not really something I give a flying f*ck about so read it or don't.

Thanks for visitng and come again soon!

Rule # 10 The only opinion that matters, is my own!

PS can you survive ....dun dun dun mwahahahahaah

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