*~Surviving Sheena~*

*~Surviving Sheena~*

Monday, April 5, 2010

Do I talk too much? No, Just too fast!

So, today at work it was on and off, meaning slow then fast, but generally steady, do you remember when dating was called going steady?  Anyway at work during down time, I would talk to my neighbor and when I talk about something I know about I talk a lot and I talk fast. In fact I type how I talk, so you may get the idea. Well about 3 minutes into my splurge of word vomit, as Lindsey Lohan put it in mean girls, the guy gets this look on his face that tells me once again I am talking way to fast for this person.  So, I stop and ask, was I talking fast? Not just he, but about 5 people near us said, "Yes." really loud and I thought it was hilarious.

Anyhow speaking of Lindsey Lohan, I actually liked her in most of her movies, but the sad tale of yet another teen star gone wrong just doesn't interest me you know.  However it does remind me that in second grade I knew a girl named Lindsey Bible, which I later thought was funny because I then knew a girl named Ashley Bishop and some how that seemed coincidental to me and yet not.

Speaking of Ashley's though does anyone actually think it matters that Ashley Simpson lip synced that one time, because seriously they all do it for videos and such so really who gives a crud.

That reminds me that my years as a waitress have toned down my cussing. In fact I insinuate more cussing on this blog than I actually use in real  life.  I now use words like, fudgeroonie, fiddlesticks, shishkabob, and shitaki mushrooms, in lou of cursing. People tend to have differing opinions of these terms. But that reminds me when I was in foster care as a child one of my foster parents would tell me to say "mickey mouse" when I got hurt instead of using curse words.  That never really took. 

Speaking of foster care does anyone remember a movie called pinballs or something like that about a bunch of kids in foster care?  I seem to have a vague recollection of it but no one else seems to.  I am happy someone else finally remembered those old commercials though. Thanks for that.

Thank you to all of my new followers by the way, I will be viewing your blogs in turn quite soon but for some reason my computer isn't showing up my followers tonight.  Speaking of followers, I recall reading that someone didn't like them being called that but wanted them to be friends, I think that is a good idea though it doesn't really bother me.

Oh and tonight I started an online over an IM role playing game. Seems like it will be fun, and I will probably be letting you know about it quite soon. Whelp I am off to watch Pandorum, which reminds me of Pandora's box, which weirdly reminds me of Cleopatra and Pantera at the same time, which some how makes me think of Judy Garland who played Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz.  I loved that movie by the way.

Oh that's right I was heading off to watch the movie and catch some z's, speaking of which if any of you know where that term came from please do share. Thanks.

Until next time keep on surviving.

Survival Rule # 1 - Breathe!

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