*~Surviving Sheena~*

*~Surviving Sheena~*

Friday, April 23, 2010

Vacation Babble

Sorry I have not posted, I am on vacation. Well, that is to say I have a paid week off that I am spending at home with my fiance.

I have also gotten into a few facebook apps. Yes I know moan and groan blah blah blah. I am playing social city and kingdoms of camelot. I like these two games and will probably keep up with them for a while, but as usual when I go back to work there is a good chance I will stop being quite as dedicated to these apps. Apps can be addictive and are a huge waste of time I know, but no more so than, playing board games, reading a book, or watching t.v. So there.

Anyhow, I also have created another blog because I am so proud of myself for doing the best I can on a budget. So I am sharing what I can about how to survive a paycheck to paycheck lifestyle. So check it out of you want.

I also have been looking for a new place to live. I hate moving. But being this busy has obviously organized my thoughts as I cannot seem to properly babble. As you can see it just isn't working. So I apologize for the not as entertaining babble. I offer you this however, visit my http://www.youtube.com/phnyxrose page and I assure you, you will find something entertaining there.

Hope you all are having lots of fun and still surviving.


*Update 9/2013* I Have delted the blog I mentioned in this post due to the fact I wasn't keeping up with it and thusly had no followers.

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